Can I renew my Spanish passport in UK?

You need to make an appointment at the Spanish Consulate in London, but first you need to be registered on the Registro de Matricula for Spanish citizens living abroad.

Where can I renew my Spanish passport in the UK?

The embassy of Spain in London is located at 39 Chesham Place and can be contacted by telephone on 20 7235 5555 as well as by email The consular section is located at 20 Draycott Place and can be reached by telephone on 20 7589 8989.

How do I make an appointment to renew my Spanish passport?

Application or renewal of a Spanish passport. At the relevant office at your station of the Policia Nacional. You must make an appointment by calling this number 902.247. 364 or by using this LINK to for an online appointment.

How much is a Spanish passport cost?

How much does the Spanish Passport Cost? Getting a passport in Spain is worth 26.02 euros. Those who can prove that they have the status of a large family will obtain it free of charge.

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Where are the Spanish consulates in the UK?

There is the Embassy of Spain that is located in London and eight consulates. The consulates are situated in: Manchester, Belfast, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Jersey. There are also Spanish representation in two neighboring countries.

When can you renew your Spanish passport?

You can renew a passport when your existing passport has less than 12 months of validity left on it.

How can I speak to someone at the Spanish consulate?


Phone: 020 7589 8989. Fax: 020 7581 7888. Email: Website:

How can I renew my passport online?

Passport Requirements for Adult Renewal Applicants

  1. Confirmed Online Appointment (click here)
  2. Accomplished Application Form.
  3. Personal Appearance.
  4. Current ePassport with photocopy of data page.
  5. Original PSA authenticated documents that will support the change of name. Marriage Contract. Annotated Birth Certificate.

How do I renew my Spanish DNI?

To request an appointment for the renewal or creation of the Spanish ID Card, call to the Council of A Guarda at 986 61 00 00 or request an appointment at the Mayor’s office or in the Secretary’s Office on the first floor of the Town Hall building.

Can I renew my Spanish passport in Spain?

Spanish citizens registered in the Register of Spanish citizens living abroad in Spanish consular offices have the right to renew and apply for Spanish passports. … To return to Spain, the consular office may issue a laissez-passer travel document valid solely for returning to Spain.

Can I have a Spanish and British passport?

The British government does recognise dual citizenship between Spain and the UK, so they will also not ask you to renounce your British passport, or your British citizenship. … You can apply for foreign citizenship and keep your British citizenship.

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Does Spain allow dual citizenship?

Does Spain allow dual citizenship? Yes, the Spanish Civil Code does allow dual citizenship, but just under certain circumstances. As a general rule, when you apply for and are granted Spanish nationality by residency, you must renounce your prior citizenship.

What is the difference between embassy and consulate?

An embassy is always established in the capital city of the receiving country. On the other hand, consular offices are usually located in large, populated cities that are mostly tourist attractions and economically developed.

How do I become a Spanish resident after Brexit?

You must apply for an appointment online. You should bring your passport, form EX-23, proof you have paid an application fee, and a photograph to your appointment. U.K. citizens regularizing their residency after Brexit will be entitled to work and live in Spain as before.

How do I get a Spanish NIE number in the UK?

How to Get Spanish Nie Number in the Uk

  1. Open a bank account.
  2. Buy or sell a property.
  3. Arrange a loan or a mortgage.
  4. Pay tax.
  5. Be employed.
  6. Receive payments for unemployment or social services.
  7. To register with social services.
  8. Start a business.