How do I apply for benefits in Spain?

The first step to obtaining the benefit is to register as a job seeker in one of their offices and, once there, apply for the benefit within two weeks after you become legally unemployed. You can also apply online, through the sede electrónica del SEPE.

What benefit can I claim in Spain?

Housing Benefit in Spain

  • Death and survival benefits.
  • Temporary disability benefit.
  • Permanent disability benefit.
  • School insurance.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Benefit for risk during pregnancy.
  • Benefit for risk due to breastfeeding.

How much is unemployment benefits in Spain?

The average daily salary of the last 180 days is multiplied by 30 to arrive at a monthly benefit base. The monthly benefit amount is 70% of the monthly base for the first six months of unemployment and 50% of the monthly base for additional months, unless limited by the minimum or maximum amounts allowed.

How do I register as a jobseeker in Spain?

To register as a job seeker you will need an appointment with the closest SEPE office (also known as Oficina de Empleo). You can get the appointment through this website or by calling the phone number 901 010 210. This procedure needs to be done in person.

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How much Paro will I get?

Typically, the amount will be 70% of the gross amount of your monthly wage for the first 6 months. After this, the percentage is then reduced to 50% of your monthly wage.

Can you get universal credit in Spain?

Although Universal Credit cannot be claimed by those who live abroad permanently, you can continue to receive it for up to four weeks if out of the country.

What is a Spanish resident subsidy?

Some Spanish residents are entitled to a 75% subsidy on flights. This discount is authorized and controlled by the Spanish Government. … Residents registered in Ceuta travelling between Seville, Malaga or Jerez and any other part of Spanish National Territories.

How do you collect Paro in Spain?

El Paro – To qualify?

  1. Must have a social security number (número de seguridad social)
  2. Must have worked for a minimum of 360 days on contract.
  3. Must have lost your job involuntarily.

Is there social welfare in Spain?

The welfare system in Spain, provides protection to those people who fall within it’s scope. … The welfare system covers employees, self-employed or sole proprietor businesses, members of associated work co-operatives, students and civil servants.

Is there social security in Spain?

The social security system (Spanish: seguridad social) in Spain is its principal system of social protection.

How do I contact SEPE?

To the citizens: 91 273 83 83 | Provincial landline

General Information on the exceptional measures taken by the SEPE inrelation to the Performance Procedures/ERTEs. Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00. Information and telephone service for Unemployment Benefits. Check the schedule here.

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What is Labora in Spain?

An employment history report (called vida laboral in Spanish) is a document issued by the Spanish Social Security that contains all the interactions and relationships that you have had with this institution.