How do I get a criminal record check from Spain?

Get an appointment at the Embassy to apply for a criminal record certificate. The Embassy sends the application to the Ministry of Justice electronically. The Spanish applicant can then collect the certificate in person in Spain or delegate a representative to do so.

How do I get a Spanish criminal record check?


  1. ONLINE – Personally applying Online for your own Certificate. The application for the certificate can be completed online HERE together with payment of the fee: …
  2. IN PERSON – Applying for your own Certificate by Appointment. …
  3. BY POST – Applying by post / applying from outside Spain.

How do I get a police report in Spain?

Local / National administration offices. Police stations (National Police, Guardia Civil, Local Police or Regional Police).

Where do I make them?

  1. The Court.
  2. Police stations where the alleged crime was committed.
  3. Police stations based in the area of residence of the person reporting.

Are criminal records public in Spain?

The criminal record system in Spain is organized in the form of the “CENTRAL CRIMINAL RECORDS REGISTRY (Registro Central de Penados). It is not publicly accessible. Only a few public agencies and no private agencies have access to it.

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How can I get an overseas criminal record check?

A certificate confirming an individual’s criminal record will usually be issued by the police or by an appropriate law enforcement agency in the relevant country. The majority of countries have formal procedures for issuing criminal record certificates. It can take some countries a number of months to issue one.

How long does a criminal record last in Spain?

For serious crimes where the penalty does not exceed 1 year, you must let 1-year pass. For the rest of less serious crimes, the waiting time is 3 years, while for more serious crimes the maximum term is 5 years.

Can I live in Spain with a criminal record?

You must not have a criminal record in Spain or a record for anything regarded as a crime by the Spanish legal system in any of the previous countries you lived in. You must not be prohibited from entering Spain nor in any of the countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in that sense.

How do you report a crime in Spain from the UK?

If you are a victim of crime in Spain, you can make a police report in English by phoning the National Police helpline on 902 102 112. The service provides assistance in seven languages. This number is to report all crimes but not to be used as an emergency number where you need immediate attention.

How do you check if you have a criminal record UK?

You have the right to ask for a copy of records the police have about you. This is called a ‘subject access request’. You might need a subject access request if you move to another country.

Personal record requests from other organisations

  1. HM Prison Service.
  2. HM Courts and Tribunals Service.
  3. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
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Does embassy check criminal record?

Both U.S. and foreign criminal convictions can result in a criminal ground of inadmissibility. You will be required to provide your fingerprints as part of the visa application process. These will be checked against thousands of law enforcement databases, including all U.S. law enforcement databases.

How much is an international criminal history check?

$159.00 + GST per International Criminal History Check ($55.00 + GST for New Zealand). Delivered electronically. A single application can include multiple countries*. *You will be charged for each country selected during the ‘Create Check’ stage of the application.

Can I apply for DBS from abroad?

Overseas applicants

DBS cannot access criminal records held overseas, but it is possible to submit an application while the applicant is overseas. In a small number of cases, overseas criminal records are held on the Police National Computer (PNC) and these would be revealed as part of a criminal record check.