Is UK blue badge valid in Spain?

Post-Brexit, Spain is one of several EU countries that do not recognise the UK vehicle Blue Badge for disability. … Since September 2021, the website has declared that UK disability parking badges are not recognised or valid anywhere in Spain.

Can I use my blue parking badge in Spain?

“Visitors to Spain using the Blue Badge from other EU Countries: You may use your badge in all European Union and EEA countries. … The CAB also confirm that in Spain it depends on where you park. In general, in parking places reserved for disabled, you are exempt.

Are UK blue badges still valid in Europe?

British disability blue badges are no longer being recognised in major holiday destinations across Europe thanks to Brexit, the government has admitted.

Can I use a UK Blue Badge in Spain after Brexit?

British disability blue badge parking permits will no longer be recognised in European holiday hotspots because of Brexit – and talks over a replacement scheme appear to have stalled. … Travellers were able to use their permits in a number of countries including France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

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Are blue badges valid in Europe?

The Blue Badge is recognised across Europe, so you benefit from the same parking rights as anyone else with a disability in whichever country you’re in. Rights do vary, so you’ll want to check where, when and for how long you can park with your Blue Badge.

Can I use my Blue Badge abroad after Brexit?

The Blue Badge parking scheme was first launched in 1970. It is an EU wide scheme and there is a reciprocal arrangement with all EU countries so that disabled drivers can use their permit to park when they travel abroad.

Can I use my Blue Badge in someone else’s car?

Your responsibilities as a Blue Badge holder

You must use the Blue Badge properly. The badge and its concessions are for your use only. It is a criminal offence for you or anyone else to misuse the badge. … You must never give the badge to friends or family to allow them to have the benefit of the parking concessions.

How do I get a disabled badge in Spain?

Firstly, to apply for a blue parking badge in Spain you must be a Spanish resident and possess a valid residency certificate, passport and be registered as an inhabitant of the village where you live (padrón). Secondly, you will need your doctors and specialist notes describing your illness or disability.

Is my Blue Badge valid in Portugal?

Disabled person’s parking card

A blue badge from one country is valid in another. A person coming to Portugal from another EU country may find it easier to apply in their home country for this universal badge which allows the use of reserved parking.

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Is UK Blue Badge valid in USA?

The UK disabled badge isn’t officially accepted in the US. It has been known for people to park within disabled spaces at Malls and come back and find tickets on their cars even though the UK disabled badge has been displayed.

Can I use my Blue Badge in Tenerife?

Blue Badges are now European badges and are recognised in Spain and the Canary Islands and it enables you to have the same parking rights as any Spanish citizen with disability.

Can I use my Blue Badge in Malta?

Visitor from another EU / EEA member state – you may use your Parking Card in Malta. Visitor from outside the EU / EEA – you should consult with the Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b’Diżabilita’ (e-mail before travelling to Malta.

What are the new Blue Badge rules?

Using your blue badge. The blue badge must be displayed where it can be read clearly through the front windscreen. It must only be displayed if you’re travelling in the vehicle as a driver or passenger. You should not hold more than one badge at any given time or share your blue badge.

Can I use my UK Blue Badge in Cyprus?

You can use your UK Blue Badge when travelling in some EU countries, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. … The UK Blue Badge is recognised in Cyprus.

Are Us handicap placards valid in EU?

Yes, US disabled parking permits are valid in all 27 EU states. All EU countries are signed up to the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) agreement, which states that every signatory nation will recognize disabled parking permits from every other signatory nation.

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How do I get a Blue Badge in France?

To obtain the card, contact the local MDPH (Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées). You will just to fill in a form and include a medical certificate and proof of identity.