Quick Answer: How do you say different types of clothes in Spanish?

How do you say different clothes in Spanish?


  1. Camisas, blusas y más. (Shirts, Blouses, and More)
  2. Pantalones y pantalones cortos. (Pants and Shorts)
  3. Vestidos, faldas, y ropa formal. (Dress, Skirts, and Formal Wear)
  4. Ropa interior y ropa de dormir. (Underwear and Nightwear)
  5. Ropa de baño y ropa deportiva. …
  6. Ropa de abrigo. …
  7. Calzado. …
  8. Accesorios.

How do you describe clothes in Spanish?

Some common adjectives to describe clothes in Spanish are: BONITO (beautiful), FEO (ugly), VIEJO (old), NUEVO (new) and BRILLANTE (shiny). Using colors to describe clothes is very important too, so knowing a least some of them will be really helpful.

What are Spanish shirts called?

What is a Guayabera? Men wearing guayaberas are a familiar sight in Latin America and the Caribbean. A traditional piece of menswear, the shirt is distinguished by its four front pockets and two vertical stripes of pleating and/or embroidery.

How do you say articles of clothing in Spanish?

article of clothing n

prenda nf. Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.

How do you say clothes in different languages?

In other languages clothes

  • American English: clothes /ˈkloʊðz, ˈkloʊz/
  • Arabic: مَلَابِس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: roupa.
  • Chinese: 衣服
  • Croatian: odjeća.
  • Czech: oblečení
  • Danish: tøj.
  • Dutch: kleren.
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How do you say fashion in different languages?

In other languages fashion

  • American English: fashion /ˈfæʃən/
  • Arabic: مُوضَة نمط
  • Brazilian Portuguese: moda.
  • Chinese: 时尚
  • Croatian: moda.
  • Czech: móda.
  • Danish: mode.
  • Dutch: mode.

How do you compliment clothes in Spanish?

If you want to compliment on someone’s clothes, such as a jacket, tie, or blouse, you can say something like:

  1. Qué lindo/a______. “What a beautiful______.”
  2. Qué linda chaqueta. “What a beautiful jacket.”
  3. Qué chula tu chaqueta. “Your jacket looks cool.”
  4. Esa camiseta te queda muy bien. “That shirt looks very good on you.”

Is llevar to wear?

Don’t try to remember that llevar means to wear (or to carry). Just walk around wearing something and practicing the word until you’re convinced that’s what you’re doing… llevando su ropa. … On the other hand, if you want to say you are putting on the clothes, use vestirse, which means “to put on clothes”.

What are Cuban dresses called?

The Cuban government has announced that the guayabera – the roomy cotton or linen shirt – is now the country’s official formal dress garment. Male officials at state functions are now required to wear white guayaberas, with long sleeves and pockets in front, and two pleats both front and back.

What clothes are popular in Spain?

If you need other ideas, these are some of the common Spain fashion trends they see around the city during the day:

  • Denim skirts.
  • Shorts of any kind.
  • Flowy pants and skirts.
  • Long and short sundresses.
  • Fun jumpsuits.

Are Guayaberas Mexican?

Its roots are in 19th century Cuba, but the guayabera — a button-down shirt in cotton or linen with four pockets and embroidery or pleats down the front — has evolved into a fashionable and formal shirt worn from Mexico to Miami to Tampa.

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What article of clothing does the Spanish bufanda refer to?

Spanish: Clothes and accessories

Spanish English
una camiseta a t-shirt
una camisa a shirt
una gorra a cap
una bufanda a scarf

What are some articles of clothing?

civilian clothing, civilian dress, civilian garb, plain clothes – ordinary clothing as distinguished from uniforms, work clothes, clerical garb, etc. street clothes – ordinary clothing suitable for public appearances (as opposed to costumes or sports apparel or work clothes etc.)