Quick Answer: What does EII mean in Spanish?

What does EII mean?


Acronym Definition
EII Excellence in Information Integrity
EII Enterprise Information Integrator (IBM)
EII Environmental Impact Index
EII Enterprise Information Interoperability

What language is EII?

Translation of eii from Spanish into English.

How do you say I don’t know what you’re saying in Spanish?

No sé qué dices.

What does MA mean in Spanish slang?

See Also in Spanish. mamá noun. mom, mum, mother, mama, mummy.

What does ASEM mean in Twi?

Asem: Problem(s) (Akan term)

How can I speak Spanish fast?

How to Speak Spanish Fast: 10 Time-saving Tips for Rapid Learning

  1. Immerse Yourself. …
  2. Make Learning Fun. …
  3. Practice Listening. …
  4. Change Your Phone Settings to Spanish. …
  5. Make Your Own Vocabulary Lists. …
  6. Form a New Habit. …
  7. Find a Language Buddy. …
  8. Try Spanish Shadowing.

What is no habla espanol?

How do I correctly say “I don’t speak Spanish” in Spanish (not just in Latin America but also in Spain). Google translate suggests “Mi no habla espanol” but I have been told that that is incorrect and the correct form in fact is “No hablo espanol”.

What is your name is Spanish?

= ¿Cómo te llamas?

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What does Punta mean in Spanish slang?

3 days ago · What is Punta in Spanish slang? It basically means the ‘tip’ or ‘point’ of something (tip of your tongue, tip of the iceburg, etc., but for more accurate and other meanings, click the dictionary tab and type in the word – you will get detailed information.

What does Mamas mean in slang?

1 : mother. 2 slang : wife, woman.