Quick Answer: Where is the cadastral reference in Spain?

You can find the reference on the receipt for Real Estate Tax (IBI). This is a tax that is paid annually and is the fastest way to get the referral.

How do I find my cadastral number in Spain?

The Law in Spain: Explaining the Catastral Value

To find out the catastral value of a property, simply check the amount listed on the IBI invoice or visit the catastral office, which should be located in your local town hall.

How do I find my cadastral reference?

The cadastral reference appears in all documents with tax implications related to the property. Therefore, you can find it: On the IBI tax bill, even if it corresponds to a previous year. On the deed of sale.

What is the cadastral value of a property in Spain?

What is cadastral value? The cadastral value is the value that the Spanish administration gives to each property, based on data found on the land registry. Hence, it can be used as a pretty good estimate of the capital value of the property.

What is cadastral certificate?

The Cadastral Certification (Certificado Catastral) is an extract from the Land Registry (Oficina del Catastro). It is a report of the property’s physical characteristics. The measurements of the building are described and the borders of the plot.

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What is a Catastro in Spain?

Catastro, Registro de la Propiedad (land registry) and the escritura (title deeds) The Catastro is a secondary system set up within Spain to deal with the ownership, description and boundaries of all property in the country. … A description of the property: Area, region, and zone.

What does catastral mean in English?

Unlike the Land Registry, which records legal ownership and with which it is often confused, the Catastral is not a legal record of ownership, but is an estimate of the capital value of the property, which is used as a base figure for a number of property taxes. …

Does Spain have a land registry?

The Land Registry in Spain is public and anyone with a legitimate interest may request information on a property. The information given is: The property owner. Identification of the property, with its location, surface and boundaries.

What is IBI tax in Spain?

IBI stands for Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles (literally “tax on immovable goods” or real estate tax, also known as SUMA in some areas of Spain) and all property owners are liable to pay this tax every year.

Why do we need cadastral survey?

A cadastral survey is needed when you want to establish a new property, define the borders of a property or change the rights related to a property. … You can apply for a survey if you are the owner or a co-owner of the property.

What is catastral reference?

The cadastral reference is an official and obligatory identifier for real estate in Spain. It is an alphanumeric code 20 characters long that Cadastre Office assigns to each property in order to accurately record them in the cadastral map of properties.

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Can you be resident in Spain but not tax resident?

If you spend more than 183 days per year in Spain (6 months), you will be regarded as a tax resident. On the other hand, only living from 1 to 182 days in the country will imply you are a non-resident. … So, as you can see, you can have the residency in Spain and still be considered a non-resident.

What are the pitfalls of buying property in Spain?

Some of the common pitfalls of buying a property in Spain include deposit, purchase tax, issues with off-plan properties and properties being built illegally. During your research into buying a property in Spain you will have come across many stories of purchases in Spain gone wrong.