What does jugar mean in Spanish slang?

(to) play, playing, play.

Why is jugar followed by a?

It’s because jugar, when used in a general sense (like play tennis, play videogames, etc), needs to have the article before the noun, so when it’s a el it condenses to al. This is to assist pronunciation. … In some parts of Latin America, “jugar” is also used without preposition.

How do you use jugar in Spanish?

We are playing basketball in the park. Ella juego fútbol con amigos. She is playing soccer with friends.

What is the word juego?

game, play, (I) play.

How do you pronounce Quiero jugar?

quiero jugar

  1. kyeh. – roh. hoo. – gahr.
  2. kje. – ɾo. xu. – ɣaɾ
  3. quie. – ro. ju. – gar.

Is jugar followed by a?

The most noticeable difference is that in standard Spanish the preposition a is used after jugar when jugar is used to refer to the playing of a specified game: Me gustaría saber si en Belice juegan al fútbol.

Why is jugar al fútbol?

3 Answers. Because in some Spanish speaking countries we say “jugar a” + name of the game, so “jugar a” + “el fútbol” becomes “jugar al fútbol” (“a” + “el” always changes to “al”). … Unlike English, Spanish has lots of verbs that work like this, so get use to the idea.

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How do you conjugate jugar?

Jugar is a Spanish irregular verb meaning to play.

Jugar Conjugation: Present Tense.

yo juego
él/ella juega
ns. jugamos
vs. jugáis

What does the verb ver mean?

Well, the verb ver means both ‘to see’ and ‘to watch’.

What does the verb Bailar mean in Spanish?

The verb bailar in Spanish means ”to dance” and can be used in the two past tenses – preterite and imperfect – to talk about dancing in the past.

What does the verb buscar mean?

It translates as “to look for,” “to search,” “to look up,” “to seek,” and “to pick up,” as well as others. While the conjugation for this verb is regular in terms of pronunciation; it is somewhat irregular in its spelling for the preterite tense. Here are common conjugations for buscar.

What’s hasta luego mean?

Definition of hasta luego

: until later : see you later.

Does Tambien mean also?

Yo is the first-person pronoun “I” or “me.” The adverb también (“also, too”) is a contraction of the words tan, meaning “as,” and bién, meaning “good.” Yo también literally translates to “I also” in English.