What forms do I need to fill in to travel to Spain?

If you are going to travel to Spain from another country, you will have to fill out the details of the Health Control form (FCS) associated with your trip, and have the QR code that you will obtain after completing your form. You can get your FCS from the SpTH website or from the SpTH mobile app.

Do I need to fill in a form to enter Spain?

Before travelling to Spain make sure you have signed the form on the website spth.gob.es or on our mobile app. With this you will obtain the QR code that you will have to show (paper or on mobile phone) to the company before boarding and at the health control upon arrival in Spain.

When can I complete the SpTH form?

If arriving by ferry, you can fill in the form at this link: https://spthm.puertos.es/. When you have filled in the form (no more than 48 hours before your arrival in Spain), you will receive a QR code which you will have to present (on paper or via your mobile phone) both when boarding and when you arrive in Spain.

Can I start a new SpTH form?

Each passenger must fill in a form, and have the associated QR code. You can do it from this website, or from the SpTH mobile application. This is very easy: … You can start filling it out whenever you want, and continue later, at any time, thanks to the unique code you will receive in your email.

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What is SpTH form?


The Spain Travel Health Control Form (SpTH App) has been obligatory for travelers entering Spain since July 1, 2020. The Health Declaration was designed with the purpose of reducing the spread of coronavirus amongst Spanish citizens and travelers to Spain.

What is form alias SpTH?

It’s just a name you make up for the file so you can find it again!

How do I get a Spanish QR code?

How do I get a QR code to travel to Spain? The QR code needed to enter the country is obtained by completing a Spain travel health registration form online. This must be done before setting off. Once the traveller has filled in their FCS form, they will receive an email with a PDF file.

Do I need a Covid test to fly within Spain?

All passengers in a high risk country will have to present, regardless of having a vaccination or recovery certificate, your SpTH QR code together with a SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test certificate, with a negative result.

How do I contact SpTH?

Conversation. who can I contact for assistance with the #SpTH app? Hi there, if you have any problems with the Spain Travel Health portal, please call +34 910 50 30 50 or send an email to spth@sanidad.gob.es with a screenshot of the error message.

Can I fly to Spain during Covid?

Effective February 1, 2022, U.S. citizens can travel from the United States to Spain on non-essential travel (such as tourism) if they show proof that they are fully vaccinated and have received the last required dose of their COVID-19 vaccine no less than 14 days, and no more than 270 days (9 months), prior to arrival …

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