What is the temperature in Seville in December?

Is December a good time to visit Seville?

Frequently Asked Questions About Seville In December

Autumn and Winters is a great season to visit Seville because of its cozy and comfortable weather conditions and significantly lower number of tourists which will also get you huge discounts on the lodging and airfares.

How warm is Seville in December?

The first month of the winter, December, is still a comfortable month in Seville, Spain, with average temperature ranging between min 7.3°C (45.1°F) and max 16.6°C (61.9°F).

What are the coldest months in Seville?

The cool season lasts for 3.6 months, from November 17 to March 5, with an average daily high temperature below 68°F. The coldest month of the year in Sevilla is January, with an average low of 43°F and high of 61°F.

What do people wear in Seville in December?

What to Pack for Winter in Seville

  • Keep the sun at bay with a cool pair of shades! …
  • Scarves are great for keeping the chill off in the evenings! …
  • You probably won’t need to bring this many pairs… Photo credit: Kit.
  • Best to be prepared for a rainy day or two! …
  • Layer up to keep warm during the Seville winter nights!
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What is Seville like Christmas?

The people of Seville are keen on celebrating Christmas for quite a long time with the official festive period extending all the way until January 6th – Kings Day. During this time many concerts are held with traditional and seasonal songs being performed by various groups and choirs.

What is Seville like in winter?

The weather in winter in Seville

Seville has a Mediterranean climate, and doesn’t really do winter as such – even between December and February the average high temperatures range from 16–20°C (61–68°F), with lows between 6–10°C (42–50°F) at night.

Where is the warmest place in Spain in December?

Lying 300 km west of Lanzarote is Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands and is home to the highest point in Spain, the tip of the Mount Teide volcano. Tenerife is a popular place for sun seekers in December with average maximum temperatures a pleasant 22.2 °C (70 °F) combined with about six hours of sunshine.

Does Sevilla have a Christmas market?

Each year Nervion’s Christmas market in Seville, receives thousands of views of people attracted by the formidable and careful environment that is created from our beautifully decorated wooden stalls, as well as with the permanent exhibitions of large-format antique signage images that every year as a street exhibition …

Where is the warmest place in Europe in December?

Warmest places in Europe in December

  • Lanzarote – Canary Islands.
  • Gran Canaria – Canary Islands.
  • Tenerife – Canary Islands.
  • Fuerteventura – Canary Islands.
  • Greece (Crete and South Peloponnese)
  • Spain (Andalusia and Canary Islands)
  • Malta.
  • Cyprus.
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Does it snow in Seville Spain?

Snow in Seville is extremely rare. The last time that the city was covered in a white blanket was in February 1954. More recently, in January 2010, it snowed but the city did not get white.

Does Seville have a beach?

A six-kilometre (4mi) expanse of pearly sands, Matalascañas is the closest beach to Seville, and a favourite among the city’s natives, to the extent that you may wish to visit mid-week for a prime sunning spot. With the stunning vistas of Doñana National Park nearby, this urban beach is a great all-rounder.

Is Seville the hottest place in Spain?

Back in Andalusia, the historic city of Seville is easily one of the warmest places in Spain. With an annual average temperature of 25.4 °C, Seville is one of the sunniest and hottest cities in Europe. … The highest official temperature ever recorded in Seville is 46.6 °C, and temperatures above 40 °C are not uncommon.

Where can I swim in Seville?

Aquopolis. Aquopolis has the perfect solution to cool off, and have a bit of fun while doing so! This place is perfect for all ages, as the water park features not only several water slides, but swimming areas for those seeking a more relaxing form of enjoyment.

How do people dress in Seville?

In spring and summer, men typically wear light cotton pants or bermuda shorts with cotton or polo shirts and sandals, dress shoes or sneakers. … Whether you are planning to study in Seville for the Fall semester, the Spring semester, or both you will need to bring with you light clothing as well as warmer clothing.

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What should I wear on a weekend in Seville?

We recommend bringing outfits that can easily be layered for maximum comfort. Think cardigans, scarves and long-sleeved tees. Comfortable boots: Keep your toes toasty all day long and still look stylish! A great pair of knee-high or ankle boots will help you look fashionable while providing comfort all day long.