Which airport is best for Barcelona?

Barcelona Airport El Prat de Llobregat is the Airport closest to Barcelona. It sits 13 kilometres South of Barcelona city centre. It is also the largest of the three airports mentioned above and offers you the widest range of international flights.

What airport do I fly to for Barcelona?

Barcelona International Airport is the nearest airport to Barcelona city centre. It is 13 km South West of the city centre. A taxi would cost around €30.00 to Barcelona centre and will take you about 20 minutes travel time.

Is BCN the same as El Prat?

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport (IATA: BCN, ICAO: LEBL), also known as Barcelona Airport or simply El Prat Airport, is the main international gateway to Barcelona and the second busiest airport in Spain. It is the largest and busiest airport in Catalonia, handling the vast majority of flights.

Is Barcelona Girona airport the same as Girona airport?

The airport is well connected to the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. Girona Airport is used as an alternative airport for Barcelona as well, even though the airport is 74 km (46 mi) north of the center of Barcelona.

Girona–Costa Brava Airport.

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Passengers 2.019.876
Aircraft movements 17.870
Aircraft movements change 17-18 7,2%
Cargo (t) 133

How many international airports are in Barcelona?

There is only one international airport in Barcelona which is 13 km outside of the city centre. The name of this airport is called Aeroport de Barcelona-El Prat, Aeroport de Barcelona (Catalan) or Aeropuerto de Barcelona (Spanish) and has the initials BCN. It is the main airport for Barcelona.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Barcelona?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Barcelona

High season is considered to be May, June and July. The cheapest month to fly to Barcelona is January.

How do I get from Barcelona airport to city Centre?

The RENFE train service runs approximately every 30 minutes to and from Barcelona airport to the city centre. Travel time approximately 25 minutes. You can catch the train from Clot, Passeig de Gràcia , or Barcelona Sants (otherwise known as Sants Estació) The name of the stop you want for the airport is Aeropuerto.

Does Barcelona have 2 airports?

There is only one airport actually in Barcelona which is called El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto however there are 2 other airports nearby, Girona and Reus which are approximately 120km outside Barcelona that offer you access to Barcelona via transfer services.

Is Barcelona Airport busy?

Barcelona airport is the second busiest airport in Spain with nearly 53 million passengers. Barcelona-El Prat operates from 1916 and is located 25 minutes by car from the centre of Barcelona .

Which Ryanair airport is closest to Barcelona?

Ryan Air is now scheduling flights in and out of Barcelona’s main airport – Barcelona El Prat de Llobregat Airport.

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How far is Girona airport from Barcelona?

A: Girona Airport is 103 km or 64 miles from Barcelona city centre or approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by car. Therefore, it is worth taking that into consideration when deciding whether to fly into Girona airport, rather than into the much closer Barcelona Airport (El Prat de Llobregat or Aeropuerto de Barcelona).

Is Girona airport big?

Enormous Size of the Airport and Its Runway

Just to set the record straight, the runways are approximately two and a half kilometers long. The length of the runways depicts that the airport is indeed vast with the other areas covered by airport facilities such as the departure and arrivals buildings.

How much is the train from Girona to Barcelona?

Gerona to Barcelona by train

Journey time From 38m
Price From €7
Distance 53 miles (85 km)
Frequency 7 trains per day
First train 06:46

How safe is Barcelona?

Is it safe to travel to Barcelona in 2022? Is Barcelona safe for tourists in terms of general crime? Yes, in our opinion. Barcelona is generally still considered to be a safe place to visit by international standards.

Which airport in Barcelona does Easyjet fly to?

Easyjet uses Terminal 2 – T2 at Barcelona Airport.

Is there Uber in Barcelona?

Uber is now available in Barcelona since Tuesday, 16 March, with 350 drivers, following a two-year absence from the city. The American firm quit the Catalan capital in early 2019 after the government brought in legislation to regulate the ridesharing industry.