You asked: Is there a train from Portugal to Spain?

The best way to get from Portugal to Spain without a car is to night train and train which takes 16h 43m and costs €100 – €140. … Portugal to Spain bus services, operated by Rede Expressos, depart from Lisbon Oriente station.

Is there a high speed train from Portugal to Spain?

As mentioned above, the Madrid – Lisbon train by Renfe prides itself on fast travel times and can take you between the capitals of Spain and Portugal in just 10 hours!

What is the best way to travel from Spain to Portugal?

Spain to Portugal train services, operated by Renfe Viajeros, depart from Barcelona-Sants station. Bus or fly from Spain to Portugal? The best way to get from Spain to Portugal is to fly which takes 2h 33m and costs €30 – €160. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €100 – €140 and takes 19h 4m.

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Is there a train from Porto Portugal to Madrid Spain?

The average journey time by train between Porto Campanhã and Madrid is 14 hours and 53 minutes, with around 2 trains per day. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, so use our Journey Planner on this page to search for a specific travel date.

Is there a train from Lisbon to Spain?

Yes, there is a direct train from Lisbon to Madrid. We usually find at least one direct train on the route from Lisbon to Madrid every weekday.

What is the fastest train in Portugal?

The Portuguese Alfa Pendular train connects all of the major cities in Portugal. From the capital city of Lisbon, travel in comfort to Coimbra, Porto and Braga in the north or to Faro in the far south. With speeds up to 220 km/h, Alfa Pendular trains are the fastest way to get around in Portugal.

How far is Madrid from Portugal by train?

Madrid to Lisbon by train

Journey time From 22h 15m
Distance 312 miles (501 km)
Frequency 2 trains per day
First train 07:15
Last train 16:45

Do they have trains in Portugal?

The main rail network in Portugal is made up of the following regional trains and intercity trains: Regional and inter-regional trains are used for short distances and make frequent stops. They complement the long distances services, connecting regional destinations with the larger cities, such as Lisbon and Porto.

Is there a ferry from Spain to Portugal?

You can walk between Spain and Portugal in a couple of minutes or so at many locations. The only regular public ferry in the south is the little one across the river between Ayamonte in Spain and Vila Real de Santo António in Portugal. The half mile journey takes 10 minutes.

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Is it cheaper to fly into Portugal or Spain?

Generally speaking, Portugal is cheaper than Spain, although the flight there will likely be the most expensive part of your Portugal vacation. … For comparison, a round-trip flight to Barcelona is around $1,200CAD in May. It’s also easier to connect to Spain than Portugal from major North American cities.

How long is the train ride from Madrid to Porto Portugal?

Madrid to Porto Campanhã by train

Journey time From 20h 40m
Distance 260 miles (419 km)
Frequency 1 train per day
First train 14:40
Last train 14:40

Is there a train from Porto to Santiago de Compostela?

You’ll usually find 2 trains per day running between Porto and Santiago de Compostela, which usually take 14 hours 21 minutes to complete the 191 km journey. It can take as little as 10 hours 35 minutes on the fastest services though, if you want to get there as quickly as possible.

Is there a high speed train from Barcelona to Madrid?

The AVE (high speed) train service between Madrid and Barcelona travel time is only 2 and 3/4 hours for the direct trains. When you figure in the 1 or more hours in advance that you need to be at the airport, the total time is quite comparable. There are also often discount fares available online on the RENFE site.

How far is Portugal from Spain by train?

Lisbon to Madrid by train

Journey time From 21h 5m
Price From $32.94
Distance 312 miles (501 km)
Frequency 2 trains per day
First train 16:00
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Is there a night train from Lisbon to Madrid?

A single Trenhotel overnight train departs from Lisbon every evening throughout the week, first from Santa Apolonia, then 9 minutes later from Oriente, arriving in Madrid the following morning at Chamartin. From the Portuguese capital, you’ll be whisked away to Spain’s spirited capital of Madrid.

Is there a sleeper train from Lisbon to Madrid?

The night train “Lusitania” is the best connection from Portugal to Madrid and central and eastern Spain. Travel overnight from Lisbon to Madrid. The train is a comfortable Talgo trainset offering different comfort levels. … Besides the seated accomodation the train offers three kinds of sleeping cars.