Your question: How much do Real Madrid tickets usually cost?

How much are Real Madrid CF tickets? Real Madrid regular-season La Liga tickets range from $82 to $176. Cheap tickets can be found for as low as $58 and premium tickets may cost well over $260. Champions League tickets are more expensive and can average around $100.

Is it hard to get tickets for Real Madrid?

Getting tickets

For the most part, Real Madrid games don’t sell out unless they’re playing Barcelona, Atletico Madrid or it’s a big Champions League tie. Therefore, tickets for the Bernabéu can be got easily enough. For most matches they will go on general sale on the Real Madrid website about a week before the game.

How much is a ticket at Santiago Bernabeu?

Tickets for events and matches are priced at various levels depending on the event and your chosen seat. Tour tickets without an audio guide cost €25 for adults and €18 for children aged 14 and under. Tickets including audio guides cost €30 for adults and €23 for children.

How do I buy Real Madrid tickets?

To pick up pre-booked tickets on match days, you need to go to the ticket office at the stadium. Real Madrid tickets can also be purchased directly from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium from box office 44. As you approach the stadium, you will see the windows for the box offices.

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Can you visit Real Madrid stadium?

Bernabéu Tour times: Open every day of the year except 25 December and 1 January. 24 and 31 December 10am-2pm. Non-match days, Monday to Saturday, from 9:30am to 7pm; Sundays and public holidays, from 10am to 6.30pm. On match days the Tour runs up to 5 hours before kick-off.

Can I buy Real Madrid?

Real Madrid are not publicly traded and they do not have stocks available to buy by the general public. Instead, the club is privately owned and financially supported by its 100,000 members. The club is run by an elected president, which has been Florentino Perez since 2009.

Where should I sit for Real Madrid?

Generally, the best seats are those located in the Tribuna on both sides. As an example, the Real Madrid president and board of directors seat on the center east side Tribuna. Some things to consider: Being too close to the players is not necessarily the best as you will miss a lot of the big picture of the match.

Who owns Real Madrid?

As of 2020, Real Madrid are ranked third behind Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

Real Madrid CF.

Full name Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
Founded 6 March 1902 as Madrid Football Club
Ground Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Capacity 81,044
President Florentino Pérez

Is the Bernabeu open?

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is open every day of the week. From Monday to Saturday- 09:30 AM to 07:00 PM, and on Sundays and other holidays- 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM. The ticket office will be closed between 02:30 PM to 03:30 PM.

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How long does the Real Madrid stadium tour take?

The guided tour of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, where an official Real Madrid CF guide takes you around, also lasts 90 minutes.

How many times has Real Madrid beat Barcelona?

How many times did Real Madrid beat Barcelona? A – Real Madrid have beaten Barcelona 103 times out of the 278 games played so far.

What team is Ronaldo on?

Pick up your exclusive personalised card which identifies you as a Madridista. … The Madridista loyalty program brings the Club closer to all the fans who want to feel more part of Real Madrid, and recognises them as official supporters of the team wherever they are.

What does Bernabeu mean in English?

Bernabeu or Bernabéu (pronounced [beɾnaˈbew]) is a Valencian surname, derived from Barnabas, ultimately derived from the Aramaic Bar Nebuah. Notable people with this surname include: Almudena Bernabeu, Spanish attorney. David Bernabeu (born 1975), Spanish cyclist. Iker Pajares Bernabeu (born 1996), Spanish squash …