Are the banks open in Spain?

Bank hours in Spain are 9am to 2pm Monday to Saturday, but remember that there are many fiestas (local and national holidays) and most banks reduce their working hours during the summer months. If you do not speak Spanish, we suggest you call ahead and request an appointment with an English-speaking member of staff.

What days are banks closed in Spain?

Thursday, January 6: Epiphany of the Lord (Three Kings Day). Friday April 15: Good Friday. Monday, August 15: Assumption of Our Lady. Wednesday October 12: Fiesta de la Hispanidad.

  • Thursday April 14: Holy Thursday.
  • Monday April 18: Easter Monday.
  • Monday July 25: Day of Santiago Apostle.
  • Tuesday September 6 : Elcano Day.

Is my money safe in a Spanish bank account?

How Safe Is Your Money? The Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund guarantees 100,000€ per account holder per bank. However just because a bank is located in Spain doesn’t mean it’s included in this scheme. Other EU banks are normally covered by their respective country.

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Which bank are they using in Spain?

List of banks by total assets

Rank Company Local assets (bn €)
1 Banco Santander 610
2 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria 409
3 Caixabank 508
4 Banco de Sabadell 178

Why do banks close so early in Spain?

In past when use of technology was not much prevalent, banks used to close early. This was basically to facilitate reconciliation of cash and other bank accounts. Tallying of cash used to take time. Discovering and fixing errors was time consuming.

Are banks open today in Spain?

Normal bank opening hours in Spain are 8:30 am, Monday through Friday. Banks then stay open through until 2:00pm or 2:30pm, and then close for the day.

Is Monday a bank holiday in Spain?

The government’s proposal to move Spanish public holidays to Mondays and avoid this practice has yet to pass, however. Bank holidays in Spain that fall on weekends are sometimes replaced with alternate days (usually on the following Monday) if the regional government so chooses.

Which is the best bank for expats in Spain?

There are many factors to take into consideration.

Top 6 best banks for expats in Spain

  • Wise. Wise is a great online option that is ideal not just for people looking to bank in Spain but in many other parts of the world including Europe and the USA. …
  • N26. …
  • Banco Santander. …
  • BBVA. …
  • CaixaBank. …
  • Banco de Sabadell.

What is the maximum amount of euros I can take to Spain?

When leaving or entering Spain, you must declare the money you’re transporting if it is equal to or more than 10,000 euros or the equivalent in a foreign currency.

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How much cash can I put in the bank without getting reported Spain?

With the approval on October 13 of the draft Law on prevention and fight against tax fraud, the limitation of cash payments between employers will be reduced from the current 2,500 euros to 1,000 euros.

Can I open a bank account in Spain from the UK?

Yes, a foreign non-resident in Spain can open a bank account. To do so, they must take an ID document (normally a passport) and a certificate of non-residency to any of our branches.

Can I open a Spanish bank account online?

If you’re not in Spain or planning to visit anytime soon, you can open your new Spanish bank account online. It depends on the bank whether you can complete the whole process online, but many banks will require at least one in-person visit to a branch to hand over your documents.

Which is the safest bank in Spain?

Santander operates a network of around 12,000 branches worldwide including 3,200 branches in Spain. The company is the safest bank in Spain according to Global Finance.

At what time do stores in Spain reopen after lunch?

Siesta begins around 1pm (it’s different in different areas of Spain and can be as early as midday and as late as 2pm), so smaller shops will close then and reopen between 4-5pm.

Why are banks opening hours so short?

Banks say opening hours remain reduced due to a lack of resources. Staff have been shielding, have childcare responsibilities, or are needed in other parts of the business. The shorter hours help them avoid busy travel times. Firms say the hours also reflect a fall in local demand.

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Why are banks closing at 5?

In 2018 alone, over 3,000 bank robberies took place in banks around the United States. The largest portion of robberies took place between 3-6 PM on Fridays. This is perhaps a reason behind some banks closing at 5 PM, as it lowers the likelihood of robberies taking place.