Does ESP stand for Spain?

ESP stands for Spain (ISO Country code) Suggest new definition.

What does ESP mean in Spain?

ESP most commonly refers to: Extrasensory perception, a paranormal ability. Spain (España) – ISO three-letter country code for Spain.

What country abbreviation is ESP?

Current NOCs

Code National Olympic Committee Other codes used
ESP Spain SPA (1956–1964 1968 W) current code taken from French Espagne or Spanish España
EST Estonia
ETH Ethiopia ETI (1960 1968)
FIJ Fiji FIG (1960) from Italian Figi

Why is Spain called ESP in Olympics?

By the way, Spain is abbreviated ESP because Spaniards refer to their country as España. Simply because none of the other countries use “english” abbreviations. They simply use the first three letters of the country’s name in it’s own language.

What is the abbreviation for Spanish language?

Language Codes sorted by Codes

ISO Language
es Spanish
et Estonian
eu Basque
fa Persian

What does ROC stand for?

ROC stands for Russian Olympic Committee. Russian athletes are competing under the ROC banner as neutral athletes, not on behalf of Russia. There are 330 Russian athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics under the ROC.

What nationality is Usain Bolt?

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is still known as the fastest man alive. Though he retired in 2017 (and had lost a race or two), the eight-time Olympic gold medalist currently holds the official world record for both the men’s 100-meter and 200-meter sprints, which he achieved at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin.

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What does ROC stand for in the Olympics?

ROC stands for the Russian Olympic Committee, and hundreds of “ROC” athletes are competing under the Olympic rings flag instead of Russia’s—it’s a workaround measure so that they can compete despite an international doping scandal that rocked the sports world in 2019.

What country is oar?

For the second consecutive Olympic Games, Russia will be competing under a different name. The country was known as the Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR) during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games and for the 2021 Tokyo Games, they are known as the ROC.

What does ESP mean in sports?

It stands for External Signs of Passivity.

What country has initials ROC?

It’s not a country abbreviation. ROC stands for the Russian Olympic Committee. It’s a workaround for Russian athletes to compete at the Olympics even though Russia was banned.