Does Spanish have Oxford comma?

Commas in a list of items (no Oxford comma) Similar to English, you must separate items in a list with a comma. … The old Oxford comma debate is non-existent in Spanish, as it’s simply not an option.

Do other languages use the Oxford comma?

No, and it actually may go against punctuation rules in many other languages, at least in French and Spanish which are the ones I know. A similar punctuation can eventually be used if there is no other way to resolve an ambiguity, though in that case it would be a better option to rephrase the sentence altogether.

Does the Spanish language use commas?

Most of the time, the comma in Spanish is used much like the comma in English. However, there are some differences, particularly in numbers and in comments that are inserted within sentences.

Which countries use the Oxford comma?

Although its use is widespread in North America, the Oxford comma is not as widely used in Australia and the UK. The Australian government’s Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers merely says “sometimes a comma is placed between the last two items to ensure clarity” and doesn’t use it in the manual’s title.

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Is the Oxford comma universal?

The Oxford Comma is one of the few rules that writers don’t have to follow. It is more of a stylistic choice rather than following a universal rule of grammar, such as the rule that a noun and verb are required to make a complete sentence. … The sentence below is a good example of properly omitting an Oxford Comma.

What languages dont use commas?

Chinese and Maya script do not necessarily require punctuation, especially spacing. Greek inscriptions were normally written continuously, with no divisions between words or sentences.

What language uses the most commas?

English is also related though not as closely, yet German uses a lot more commas than English does.

What punctuation forms are used in Spanish?

Punctuation Used in Spanish

  • . : punto, punto final (period)
  • , : coma (comma)
  • : : dos puntos (colon)
  • ; : punto y coma (semicolon)
  • — : raya (dash)
  • – : guión (hyphen)
  • « » : comillas (quotation marks)
  • ” : comillas (quotation marks)

Do you put a comma before Pero?

A comma must be placed before propositions introduced by pero, mas, excepto and salvo.

Do Spanish use commas instead of decimal points?

Senior Member. It doesn’t depend on the language, but on the country. Some Spanish-speaking countries use a dot for the decimal point, and some use a comma. See this website for a complete list of dot and comma countries.

Why is there no Oxford comma?

While the Oxford comma is technically grammatically correct, it is most often unnecessary and pointless. Thus, writers and editors should eliminate the comma unless it is absolutely essential for comprehension. … Even with an Oxford comma, the sentence could be misconstrued without careful reading.

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What is the opposite of the Oxford comma?

“To separate the elements (words, phrases, clauses) of a simple series of more than 2 elements, including a comma before the closing ‘and’ or ‘or’ (the so-called serial comma). Routine use of the serial comma helps to prevent ambiguity.” “Whether to include the serial comma has sparked many arguments.

Does Cambridge use Oxford comma?

In its own text, the guide by Cambridge omits serial commas; Oxford’s retains them. So for British English, use serial commas or omit them, but do so consistently.

Does the New York Times use the Oxford comma?

(In most cases, The Times stylebook discourages the serial comma, often called the Oxford comma because it was traditionally used by the Oxford University Press.) It appears the Maine Legislature has learned its lesson, at least.

Which style guides use Oxford comma?

Style guides that encourage the use of the Oxford comma: Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, the MLA Style Manual, The Chicago Manual of Style, APA style, and the U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual all adopt the Oxford comma in their house style.