Is Barcelona or Madrid better to live?

Madrid has more job opportunities than Barcelona. It is also one of the country’s most important economic players. The salaries may also be higher in Madrid than in Barcelona. But the cost of living in Madrid is also slightly higher.

Is it better to live in Barcelona or Madrid?

Both cities have great architecture in different ways, good nightlife and good food. People in Madrid are generally more open and social, it has better museums, and free tapas when you order a beer or a wine. Barcelona has the beach. Have not been to either but have friends in both.

Is Barcelona safer than Madrid?

In this section, Barcelona climbs two places to ninth, while Madrid comes out worst, dropping to 33rd place. In spite as being named as the safest city in Spain and the best place to live in Spain in 2021, Barcelona remains cause for concern.

Is it more expensive to live in Madrid or Barcelona?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Madrid and Barcelona

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City Cost of Living Index
Barcelona 60.14
Madrid 58.78
New York, NY 100
Prague 50.91

Is Barcelona good place to live?

It genuinely is an amazing city to live in

Aside from its many sights, attractions and events, it’s the lifestyle and quality of life that most people appreciate. Barcelona is an incredibly creative city, which attracts open-minded people who have a desire to pursue the good things in life.

Do they speak English in Madrid?

Madrid – A decent level of English in central areas, but not as high as some other more touristy cities. Most restaurants and shops in the center will have someone who can speak English, as will tourist offices. … Not the most tourist focused city in Spain so some basic Spanish will help – see further below.

Can you live in Barcelona without speaking Spanish?

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous region in northeastern Spain. … It is possible to live in Barcelona and not speak a word of Spanish, but aside from being cuturally indolent, you’ll find it means being labelled as a guiri (a disparaging term for foreigners).

Is Barcelona a friendly city?

A part of pick pocketing in the crowded and touristic streets, Barcelona is a quite safe city and Catalan people are very friendly and welcoming.

Is Madrid good place to live?

Madrid is generally considered a very safe place to live. Like in any major city, crime is present, however in no way at a level that should cause concern. One thing to be mindful of however is pickpockets. Although uncommon, it pays to careful on public transport or at major tourist attractions.

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Is Barcelona a clean city?

Barcelona, Spain (70.46) Berlin, Germany (70.28) Vienna, Austria (70.17) Sapporo, Japan (68.89)

Cleanest Cities in the World.

City Barcelona
PM2.5 (µg/m³) 15
Clean City Score 70.46
Env. Perf. Score 78.39
Mercer Score 42

Is Madrid or Barcelona hotter?

While Madrid has more sun, Barcelona is quite humid and a tad colder during the right seasons. … Because of it’s warmer weather during the winter and slightly colder weather during summer, we can say that Barcelona wins this round!

Is Madrid cheaper than Barcelona?

Madrid is typically more affordable and less expensive than Barcelona. It sees fewer tourists. Barcelona is definitely more expensive, but it can still be done fairly affordably depending on the things you choose and want to do. There are a lot of free things you can do in Barcelona.

Is Madrid or Barcelona cheaper?

Madrid sees fewer tourists and is generally less expensive than Barcelona.

Is it worth moving to Barcelona?

Yes! Moving to Barcelona is the best decision you will ever make. However, due to the travel restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and the changes that came with Brexit, moving to Barcelona has indeed become much more of a challenge than in the past.

Is moving to Barcelona a good idea?

There are so many reasons: amazing weather; very walkable; incredible architecture; inexpensive; excellent public transportation; wonderful food; world class sports teams (força Barça!); safe and great for kids; fun activities; festivals; friendly people… But one of the most enticing elements of the city for English …

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Is Barcelona the best city in the world?

One of the top ten world’s best cities 2020

Barcelona ranks 8th in the World’s Best Cities ranking 2020, the most comprehensive city ranking across all continents based on the opinions of both their visitors and their residents. London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona are the four European cities in the top 10 list.