Quick Answer: What does Metal Metal mean in Spanish?

What does metal metal in Spanish mean?

metal Noun. metal, the ~ (tin) metal, el ~ (m) Noun. pala, la ~ (f) Noun.

What is heavy metal called in Spanish?

Heavy metal=metal pesado.

What does Meta mean Spanish?

goal. More meanings for meta. goal noun. objetivo, gol, portería, fin, objeto. aim noun.

What does tin in Spanish mean?

[tɪn ] 1. (= ore) estaño m. (= metal) hojalata f.

Is Metal masculine or feminine in Spanish?

metales {masculine plural}

What is metal short?

The definition of metal is any of the elements with a positive electrical charge, typically with a shiny surface and a good conductor of heat. An example of metal is gold. noun.

What does Effie mean in Spanish?

effort estimation. effort made to attain an end or deal with a matter. Effie. Effie Noun Plural: Effies. Translate “Effie” to Spanish: Effie.

What does Mita mean in Spanish slang?

American Spanish, from Quechua mit’a, literally, turn, time.

What does meta mean in Yiddish?

Meta means ‘is dead’ in Hebrew.

What is zinc called in Spanish?

cinc in Spanish is “ZINC”.

What is Latin for tin?

The symbol Sn for tin is an abbreviation of the Latin word for tin, stannum.

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What does tin mean in French?

[ˈtɪn ] 1. (= metal) étain m. 2. ( also: tin plate) fer-blanc m.