Quick Answer: Why is there no uber in Barcelona?

Uber, along with the Spanish ridesharing company Cabify, suspended their services in Barcelona in January 2019, following a government decree which Uber said was “totally incompatible” with its business.

Are Ubers available in Barcelona?

Uber in Barcelona

Uber is allowed to operate in Spain but currently is inactive in Barcelona. You can find it in Madrid. Instead, Uber partners with Spain’s Social Car.

Does Uber operate in Barcelona 2021?

On March 16, 2021 Uber got permission to operate again in Barcelona after a two-years absence. But it is still not operating in Barcelona actually. … In January 2019, both Uber and Cabify suspended their services as a consequence of a new regulation from the Government which was incompatible with their business.

Is there Uber in Barcelona 2020?

No. Uber is not in Barcelona in 2020. Uber announced that from 1st March 2019 it will no longer operate in Barcelona. Uber was in Barcelona under the brand UberX which was similar to Uber in other markets but used only professional VTC licensed drivers.

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What can I use instead of Uber in Barcelona?

Cabify. Cabify is a Spanish ride-hailing app that is particularly popular in Madrid and Barcelona. It works just like Uber – a private hire vehicle that you hail through a mobile app.

Is taxi expensive in Barcelona?

On holiday you’ll find cabs from the Barcelona taxi system everywhere – you likely won’t wait more than a minute and prices are cheaper than most major European cities. Yes, it’s still the most expensive way to get around but with a few precautions taking a taxi in Barcelona can be a great way to get around.

Is Uber in Spain 2021?

Yes, Uber is in Spain and yes, it does work better than Uber in Italy. That said, Uber is not in every city in Spain.

Is Uber expensive in Spain?

Uber and Cabify are regulated in Spain. However taxis are very convenient and are not expensive. The taxis in Madrid are still pretty reasonable. Plus they are metered so unlike other places in the EU where there is sometimes cabby hocus pocus, that’s not a part of taxi life in Madrid.

How much is Uber from Barcelona airport to city?

Uber rides from Barcelona airport to the city centre range from €27-€35 on average, so they can be more affordable than taxis, but even if you do save some money, it won’t be a huge discount.

Does Barcelona have a subway system?

The Barcelona metro is pleasant to use because it is clean, fast, economical and of course air-conditioned, which is more than enjoyable in summer! It is composed of 8 lines: L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L9, L10, L11 managed by the company TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona).

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Does Uber Eats work in Barcelona?

You can deliver with Uber Eats in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville or other cities in Spain.

How much are Ubers in Barcelona?

Lower prices

According to Uber, its prices in the Catalan capital will be 15% lower than those of city taxis –which can go up by 20% for rides to the airport–, with 16 cents per minute and 1.42 euros per kilometer. The minimum fee is set at 5.50 euros.

Is Cabify in Barcelona?

If you’re looking for a quick, affordable, and reliable way to get around Barcelona without using public transportation, Cabify could be the perfect option for you.

How much is a taxi from Barcelona airport to city Centre?

Taxi Fares

Fares are charged according to the hour and time of the day. The average cost to transfer from Barcelona Airport to the city center is around 25.00-30.00€.

Why Uber is not in Germany?

A German court banned Uber from operating its ride-hailing services in Germany today for lacking the licence necessary to offer transport services using rental cars. Uber is active in seven German cities and works exclusively with car rental companies and their drivers.

Does Spain have LYFT or Uber?

Uber neither owns cars nor licenses in Spain, and it limits its activities to simply offering the technology platform that drivers can use to find customers. But it will be affected by the move that it and its competitor Cabify have made. … And thousands of drivers have found a way to make a living with Uber.”

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