What day trips can you take from Barcelona?

Where can I go by train from Barcelona?

10 Best Weekend Trips from Barcelona

  • Costa Brava. Getting there: The easiest way to get to Costa Brava is simply to rent a car and drive there. …
  • Tarragona. Getting there: Get from Barcelona to Tarragona via train—it takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your train. …
  • Madrid. …
  • Mallorca. …
  • Girona. …
  • Seville. …
  • Ibiza. …
  • Sitges.

What towns are close to Barcelona?

Top 5 Charming Small Towns Near Barcelona

  • Montserrat-Vila. The Montserrat Mountains have a hugely important place in Catalan culture, both as a religious retreat and a site of outstanding natural beauty. …
  • Sitges. Just south of Barcelona, Sitges is a beautiful beachfront town often compared to St. …
  • Tossa de Mar. …
  • Begur. …
  • Rupit.

Can you do a day trip to Valencia from Barcelona?

Valencia is 220 miles (354 kilometers) away from Barcelona. Can I make a day trip to Valencia from Barcelona? It’s possible to do, but your trip would likely be rushed. To get the most out of both locations, you’ll want to plan for longer than a day trip.

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How do I get from Barcelona to Costa Brava?

The trains from Costa Brava to Barcelona depart from Flassa and arrive at Barcelona-Paseo De Gracia. The railroad connecting two cities is about 109 miles. We recommend taking the train, which is a fast option and takes around 5 hours. The average ticket price for your destination is 22 USD.

Is there a high speed train from Barcelona to San Sebastian?

Bask in the sunshine along the Spanish coastline by taking a trip from Barcelona to San Sebastian by train. Once aboard Renfe’s mighty Alvia or Intercity high-speed commuter, you’ll ride in comfort and style, and at a top speed of 250km/h!

Is there a high speed train from Barcelona to Madrid?

The AVE (high speed) train service between Madrid and Barcelona travel time is only 2 and 3/4 hours for the direct trains. When you figure in the 1 or more hours in advance that you need to be at the airport, the total time is quite comparable. There are also often discount fares available online on the RENFE site.

What part of Spain should I visit?

Best Places to Visit in Spain

  • Barcelona.
  • Seville.
  • Madrid.
  • Granada.
  • Mallorca.
  • Bilbao.
  • Ibiza.
  • Canary Islands.

How far is Valencia from Barcelona?

The distance from Barcelona to Valencia is about 350 km and it should take you around 3.5 to 4 hours to do the journey (depending on conditions).

What cities are close to Barcelona by train?

10 cities near Barcelona by train

  • colorful Girona.
  • vineyard near Vilafranca de Penedes, Spain.
  • Basilica del Pilar in Zaragoza.
  • Blanes is a Spanish village far enough off the beaten path to find empty beaches.
  • dome of the Dali Museum in Figueres.
  • ceiling in the Royal Palace, Madrid.
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Is drive from Barcelona to Valencia scenic?

A scenic trip that unfolds partially along the Mediterranean Coast will get you from Barcelona to Valencia in just under 3 hours.

What is the best way to travel from Barcelona to Valencia?

Barcelona to Valencia train services, operated by Renfe Viajeros, depart from Barcelona-Sants station. Train or bus from Barcelona to Valencia? The best way to get from Barcelona to Valencia is to train which takes 2h 40m and costs €24 – €30. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €11 – €16 and takes 6h.

How do you get from Barcelona to Mallorca?

Direct ferries from Barcelona to Palma will take about 7.5 hours. You can also take a ferry to Alcúdia (6 hours) on the other side of the island, which is only 35 miles from Palma. For a luxurious travel experience, private helicopter charters are also available. The trip takes about an hour.

Which is the nicest Costa in Spain?

Costa Blanca is likely to be the Costa you’ve heard the most about, as it’s undoubtedly the most well known. This is where you will find Benidorm, the most famous holiday resort in the world, as well as the city of Alicante with its iconic quayside walk.

What is the nicest beach in Barcelona?

Best Barcelona beaches

  1. Barceloneta Beach. Barceloneta is the city’s most famous (and traditional) beach. …
  2. Llevant Beach. …
  3. Sant Sebastià Beach. …
  4. Mar Bella Beach. …
  5. Nova Mar Bella Beach. …
  6. Bogatell Beach. …
  7. Nova Icària Beach. …
  8. Zona de Banys del Fòrum.
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Is Girona worth visiting?

It’s a gorgeous place to visit, with medieval walls, narrow winding city streets, and one of the best preserved Jewish Quarters in Europe. All you need is one day to see the best of Girona, making it a great destination on even the quickest itineraries through Spain.