What happens if I get a speeding ticket in Spain?

Spain has a graded system for speeding fines, which is measured by how much the limit has been exceeded by. The entry-level penalty is 100 euros. However, the most serious offences can attract a fine of 600 euros. If police stop you, you’ll be required to pay the fine on the spot.

Do you have to pay Spanish speeding fines?

If you do not have a spanish identity , all fines are to be paid on-the-spot. If you do not pay, the police may take your vehicle as security. You can pay online via the DGT website: Goto www.dgt.es.

What happens if I don’t pay a speeding ticket from Spain?

If you don’t pay your traffic fines in Spain your vehicle could be impounded and eventually crushed. This means that you may have to pay even more money to get your vehicle back.

Do you get points for speeding in Spain?

Will I get points for speeding offences in Spain? No! Currently there is not a system in place where points that apply for the offence in Spain can be applied to a UK licence.

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How much over the speed limit can you go in Spain?

According to DGT, the tolerance threshold for Spanish safety cameras is 7 km/h with limits up to 100 km/h. In case of limits above 100 km/h, it is 7 percent of the given number. The permissible speed is in red – the speed at which the camera activates is marked in black.

Can Spanish speeding fines be enforced in UK?

In France, Spain, Italy and Germany, there is currently no system in place to implement points on a UK licence when found to be speeding. Also, if you receive a fine in any of these countries, you can choose to appeal the speeding ticket.

What happens if you don’t pay foreign speeding ticket?

If you never go back to that particular country then nothing basically because unpaid tickets out of the country or continent are non transferable. However if you ever decide to go back to that particular country or continent you better pay it to be on the safe side.

How do I pay a Spanish speeding ticket UK?

You can choose from one of the following options:

  1. Online via Debit or Credit Card . You can do this, in English, on the DGT Website here.
  2. Bank Transfer. Pay your penalty fee directly to the DGT bank account.
  3. In Person. Visit your local provincial traffic office and pay by debit or credit card.
  4. At a Caixa Bank.

Can you get points on your license in another country?

If you commit an offense abroad, you can get some penalty where you live, in some cases even if there is no penalty point system where you committed the offense, but that’s entirely up to each country.

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How do I contest a fine in Spain?

Go in person to the traffic office (DGT) in the province were the fine was issued and lodge the appeal. Have your lawyer dispute the fine on your behalf, especially if the offence has subtracted penalty points from your license or if you have been called to Court.

Can you get 2 speeding tickets same road?

The general rule is that where 2 speeding offences are deemed to have been committed ‘over the course of the same journey, e.g. within a few minutes of each other, the Court can impose only one set of points for the two or more offences.

How long do points stay on your license in Spain?

After two years you will recover all of your points unless the loss of points were due to serious offences in which case you will recover all of your points after three years. If you have lost all of your points, you will need to sit a road awareness and reeducation course which will last 24 hours in total.

How quickly does a speeding fine come through?

All the police need to do is show the ticket should have reached the vehicle’s registered owner under normal circumstances within 14 days. This means the letter could go to an old address if you’ve not updated your licence, it could go to a hire company or to your work address if the vehicle isn’t yours.

Can you drive in Spain on a UK driving Licence?

Visitors can continue to use their UK licence to drive in Spain without the need for an International Driving Permit.

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