What is I wish I could in Spanish?

How do you say I wish I could see you in Spanish?

When addressing just one person in an informal setting, the translation of ‘I wish I could see you’ is Ojalá pudiera verte (pronounced:…

How do you say I wish I could speak Spanish in Spanish?

I wish i could speak spanish better. Spanish Translator. ojalá pudiera hablar mejor español.

What does I wish mean in Spanish?

deseo. More Spanish words for I wish. yo deseo. I wish.

What is the meaning of I wish I could?

You are expressing a desire to do something. Here are some examples: “I wish I could sing better.” “I wish I could settle the argument.”

What is the meaning of esperar?

Esperar is an verb that means to wait, to wait for; to expect; to hope and you can find out how to pronounce it here: … If so, you need the verb esperar.

What is to wish for in Spanish?

to wish (want; like to)

querer; desear. querer verb. desear verb.

Can I say I wish I could?

“I wish I could ” is right. In a colloquial way, both are correct. I wish i could – is absolutely correct.

How do you respond to I wish I could?

I supposed I’d say I wish I could be, too. But let’s be real.

I’ll list a few.

  1. ”Thank you very much.”
  2. ”And I wish you the same.”
  3. ”May God bless you, richly.”
  4. ”I needed to hear that. …
  5. ”That was such a kind thing to say.”
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What is the difference between I wish I could and I wish I would?

Senior Member. As I see it, wish, present tense, concerns a desire for a different present. In particular, “could” here means something like “were able to” or “tuviera la habilidad y oportunidad de” and “would” means something like “were willing to” or “estuviese dispuesta a”: I wish I played tennis like you.