You asked: How much do they pay workers in Spain?

Average annual wages in Spain 2000-2020. Over this 20-year period, annual wages in Spain fluctuated greatly, ranging from a low of 26.3 thousand euros in 2006 to a high of approximately 29.4 thousand euros in 2009. The average annual wage stood at approximately 267.5 thousand euros in 2020.

What is the basic salary in Spain?

In 2022, the minimum wage in Spain is €7.55 per hour. If you’re a full-time employee working 40 hours a month, that’s €1,125.83 per month paid over 12 months or €965 per month paid over 14 payments (2 extra payments are made in July and December). This adds up to €13,510 per year.

How much are workers paid in Spain?

The average annual income in Spain is around €27,000, which is lower than many other EU countries. However, Spain also has a lower cost of living than most of its western European neighbors. A full-time worker may take 22 working days (30 calendar days) of paid holiday time annually.

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How much is monthly salary in Spain?

Wages in Spain averaged 1753.57 EUR/Month from 2000 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 2075.43 EUR/Month in the fourth quarter of 2019 and a record low of 1264.36 EUR/Month in the first quarter of 2000.

How much do factory workers make in Spain?

The average pay for a Factory Worker is €17,564 a year and €8 an hour in Spain. The average salary range for a Factory Worker is between €13,538 and €20,762. On average, a Less Than HS Degree is the highest level of education for a Factory Worker.

How much is rent in Spain?

The average monthly rent is about 600 euros.

Obviously, if you move away from the central areas and avoid cities like Barcelona or Madrid, you can find rentals of 400 euros easily.

What jobs pay well in Spain?

What is the best-paid job in Spain?

  • Surgeon, with an average salary of 64,500 euros yearly.
  • Project manager engineer, 59,900 euros.
  • Sales manager, with an average of 58,880 euros.
  • And IT director, with 48,000 euros a year.

Why are wages so low in Spain?

To simplify, it’s a basic supply and demand issue (as some others have mentioned), there are more people looking for work that there are jobs available, therefore salaries are low and if you don’t like it, well, there is a long line of people willing to replace you for the same salary or even less.

Is Spain a poor country?

Spain leads the ranking of EU countries with the highest risk of young people ending up in poverty as adults, despite coming from families without economic difficulties. Spain is also the fourth EU country with the highest rate of inherited poverty risk, according to Eurostat, the EU Statistical Office.

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Is Spain a rich country?

Spain is listed 25th in the United Nations Human Development Index and 32nd in GDP per capita by the World Bank. It is therefore classified as a high income economy, and among the countries of very high human development.

Does Spain pay good?

The average annual wage stood at approximately 267.5 thousand euros in 2020. Compared to other European countries, Spain ranked fairly low. The yearly salary in the Iberian country was similar to salaries in Italy and Slovenia, but remained far from the figures that were registered in France, Ireland and Germany.

What is the minimum wage in Spain Per Hour 2021?

The national minimum wage in Spain unchanged this year

Date Nat. Curr. NMW NMW
January 2021 1,108.3 $1,360.0
January 2020 1,108.3 $1,245.1
January 2019 1,050.0 $1,202.3
January 2018 858.6 $1,029.7

What is the cost of living in Spain?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,407$ (2,155€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 682$ (610€) without rent. Cost of living in Spain is, on average, 24.86% lower than in United States. Rent in Spain is, on average, 50.45% lower than in United States.

How much is the salary of domestic helper in Spain?

Full-time domestic workers have to be paid at least €950 per month in 14 payslips, or €1,108 per month if extra hours are prorated. That means that on an hourly basis, domestic workers in Spain have to be paid at least €7.43.

How much does a nanny cost in Spain?

The average pay for a Nanny is €18,906 a year and €9 an hour in Madrid, Spain. The average salary range for a Nanny is between €14,591 and €22,328.

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