You asked: What does PS mean in Spanish slang?

ps: isn’t an afterthought, it’s a shortening of pues as in “well” or “so then”

What does PS mean in Spanish texting?

Muchas gracias! – lkelly, AGO 16, 2010. 2. votes. Both P. D. (posdata) y P. S. (post scríptum) are valid abbreviations in Spanish (they must be written in upper case), but before the Internet, P. D. was by far the most common one.

What does PZ mean in Spanish texting?

pz = pues. caleta = peruvian expression meaning doing something behind close doors.

Whats the full meaning of PS?

PS stands for postscript. It comes from the Latin postscriptum, which literally means “written after.” A postscript is an additional thought added to letters (and sometimes other documents) that comes after it has been completed. Make your postscripts sharp. Grammarly can help. Try Grammarly.

What does K mean in Spanish texting?

Te quiero mucho is the less formal way of expressing love. It literally means I want you a lot. K often replaces q because it has similar phonetic sound.

How do you say LOL in Spanish slang?

Siglas (Initials) Probably the most common form of texting lingo is the use of initials. “BRB” for “be right back” or “LOL” for “laugh out loud.” There are plenty of popular initials in Spanish texting.

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What are some slang words in Spanish?

The 10 Best Slang Expressions In Spanish

  1. Mucha mierda. Meaning: break a leg. …
  2. Ponerse las pilas. Meaning: get cracking; put one’s skates on. …
  3. Hablar por los codos. Meaning: to be a chatterbox. …
  4. Estar piripi. Meaning: to be tipsy. …
  5. Echar una mano. …
  6. Dejar plantado / dar plantón. …
  7. En un abrir y cerrar de ojos. …
  8. Llueve sobre mojado.

What is XD in Spanish?

1 Answer. 1. vote. Same things as it does in English. It is an emoticon meaning he is laughing so hysterically that his eyes are closed.

What does TLS mean in Spanish slang?

Translations. TLS. TLS, (Seguridad de la capa de transporte) Transport Layer Security, the ~ Noun.

What does yo TB TQ mean?

tb — también — also. tq — te quiero — I love you.

How do you use PS in a message?

Place the letters PS immediately below your signature line. Next, place the line or lines of text you want to add right next to the PS. For digital correspondence like Whatsapp messages or Tweets, it’s common to add your PS using a new message.

How do you use PS in a sentence?

Use “Ps.” in a sentence | “Ps.” sentence examples

  1. She added a PS to say ‘hi’ to my brother.
  2. There was the usual romantic postscript at the end of his letter – PS I love you.
  3. PS I forgot to invite you to our party next Sunday at six. …
  4. PS. …
  5. Love from Tessa. …
  6. She added a PS asking for your address.
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What does TBT mean in Spanish slang?

TBT Noun Plural: TBTs. Translate “TBT” to Spanish: barrera técnica al comercio, obstáculo técnico al comercio. English Synonyms of “TBT”: technical barrier to trade.

What does NTP mean in Spanish?

ntp = No te preocupes. (Don’t worry.)