Your question: What are the first 6 months of the year in Spanish?

What are the 12 Spanish months?

Names of the Spanish Months

  • enero = january.
  • febrero = february.
  • marzo = march.
  • abril = april.
  • mayo = may.
  • junio = june.
  • julio = july.
  • agosto = august.

How do you say 6 months in Spanish?

every six months

  1. semestral, Mod.
  2. dos veces al año, Mod.
  3. cada seis meses, Mod.
  4. de seis meses de duración, Mod.

What is the first month of the Spanish year?

Spanish Months of the Year

January enero ay-nair-oh
first of [a month] el primero de [month] pree-mair-oh day _____
year el año ahn-yoh
decade la década deh-kah-dah
century el siglo see-gloh

Is October the 11th month?

October is the tenth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the sixth of seven months to have a length of 31 days.

What’s the first month of the year?

According to tradition, during his reign (c. 715–673 BCE) Numa revised the Roman republican calendar so that January replaced March as the first month. It was a fitting choice, since January was named after Janus, the Roman god of all beginnings; March celebrated Mars, the god of war.

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How do you call the first 6 months of the year?

A period of six months is either half a year or a half-year. Something that happens once every half-year is two times a year or twice a year, both of which are preferred for the sake of clarity. If the occurrence is of regular periodicity, it is semiannual(ly) (because ‘semi’ means ‘half’).

What is the first six months of the year?

Months of the Year

month days
3 March 31
4 April 30
5 May 31
6 June 30

What is 6 months of a year?

Months of the year list

# Month Name Days in Month
6 June 30 days
7 July 31 days
8 August 31 days
9 September 30 days

Do you capitalize Spanish months?

The following terms are not capitalized in Spanish unless they begin sentences: the subject pronoun “yo”; the names of months, and days of weeks; the names of languages and nationalities; nouns and adjectives derived from proper nouns.

What are the 4 seasons of the year in Spanish?

Seasons in Spanish

English Spanish
spring la primavera
summer el verano
weather el clima
winter el invierno

What are the months of spring in Spanish?

The 12 Months in Spanish

# Month in English Month in Spanish
2 February Febrero
3 March Marzo
4 April Abril
5 May Mayo

What order are the months in?

The names of the 12 months in order are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.